From the moment we started working together, Alys made me and my team feel completely at ease. She is insightful, energetic, perceptive and fun - and we knew that she had our best interests at heart throughout.

Paul FrenchCEO Metamark (a Primary Capital portfolio company)

One of the reasons we have referred our Managers to Alys is because of her ability to build rapport so easily and effectively. She is able very quickly to establish what’s important to them and guides them through the investment process with the perfect balance of commerciality and empathy. She adds value to our deals and is great to work with.

Amit ThaperInvestment Director, Cairngorm Capital

Alys was a fantastic sounding board for me as we went through our investment round. I found her perspective and insight incredibly helpful. She has a calm, candid and logical approach that truly connected and inspired me. Nothing was off limit, which ultimately made me feel more confident about the process.

James SmithFounder & CEO, DevOpsGroup (a BGF portfolio company)

It’s been just over a year since I began my coaching sessions with Alys and it’s been a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who just gets it. As a busy founding CEO I’m often juggling multiple balls both professionally and personally and the most valuable part of engaging with Alys is her ability to ask all the right questions, listen and then reflect back. Our level of self-awareness is our greatest tool and if we understand why we make certain decisions, where we thrive (and where we don’t) we can navigate ‘our stuff' with increased clarity and peace of mind. Alys has really helped me with this and I would absolutely recommend her.

Aimee BatemanFounder & CEO, Careercake (a DBW portfolio company)

Being coached by Alys over a 6-month period dramatically changed the way that I now approach both my work and home life. In a busy full-time role, while juggling other responsibilities, I had lost a sense of perspective in terms of my career successes to date, and I wasn’t spending time reflecting on what I want to achieve in the future.
Alys helped me face some challenges from my past that had left a bitter taste in my mouth and develop a “good enough” mentality: I learned to stop being stifled by my own inner critic. Her encouragement and assistance in raising my self-awareness really helped me to reflect and undertake the personal learning that I needed.
I am confident in my future plans and am grateful from the techniques that Alys transferred to me in order to carry on the development. Being self-confident in times of uncertainty has never been so important. Thanks to Alys’s intervention, my resilience has definitely increased.

Siwan ReesEntrepreneurship Development Manager, NatWest

Alys supported me throughout a long and complex transaction. Balancing the competing demands of a corporate deal and the day job is a challenge, even for the most seasoned senior executive. Alys is warm, tenacious and has a wealth of relevant experience: having her on hand to talk through whatever happened to be on my plate really helped me stay focused. She would be a valuable addition to any deal team.

Nick MossGroup FD at BMS Group

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