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I know from my experience as a lawyer advising management teams of private equity-backed companies how distracting transactions can be. Part of the reason for my professional success was that I encouraged my clients to share with me their personal and strategic concerns, not just their legal queries.

One of the reasons we have referred our Managers to Alys is because of her ability to build rapport so easily and effectively. She is able very quickly to establish what’s important to them and guides them through the investment process with the perfect balance of commerciality and empathy. She adds value to our deals and is great to work with.

Amit Thaper Investment DirectorCairngorm Capital

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For leaders who are frustrated about not being able to focus on the day job – which of course can risk undermining the transaction itself – or are worried about the toll that the additional pressure is taking on their family, being able to air these concerns in a non-judgemental and compassionate setting with someone who understands what they’re going through can help them maintain focus and give them the energy and confidence they need to see the deal through to a successful conclusion.

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